Affiliate Program Overview

As an affiliate partner of ours (Affiliate“,”you“),  these Terms govern your access to and use of the Affiliate Program (“Program“), owned and operated by Mark Edward, Inc. (“Company,” “we,” or “us”).

Please read the Terms carefully before you start to participate in the Program. By participating in the Program or by clicking to accept or agree to the Terms of Use when this option is made available to you, you accept and agree to be bound and abide by the Terms. If you do not want to agree to the Terms, you must not access or use the Program.


You must register on our Website as an Affiliate and be accepted by us to participate in the Program. After you have been accepted, you will then be able to view your affiliate link for distribution. In order for you to receive commissions, customers must sign up using your affiliate link.

Changing Your Affiliate Link

View your affiliate link on the Affiliate URLs tab of your affiliate dashboard. If you want to create a custom slug rather than a link that uses your username, go to Settings and enter one there. Then return to Affiliate URLs to confirm that the affiliate link now displays with the custom slug.

If you want to generate an affiliate link for a page on Let’s Do the Books other than the home page, such as the Services page or the actual sign up page, you can generate an affiliate link for that page by putting the page’s URL in the Referral URL Generator.

Commission Payment Amounts

For customers that sign up using your affiliate link, you will receive 100% of the customer’s first 3 revenue-based payments to us (we skip their initial $1 signup payment because we want to give you more than that!). The revenue-based payment schedule currently ranges from $30 to $200 per month. Be aware that not all customers who sign up are a good fit for our service. If we decide not to bring them on as a customer, no commissions will be earned. 

Receiving Commission Payments

When you register, you will provide us with your PayPal email address to receive payments. Payments must be received through PayPal.
(Need to change your PayPal address? Click here.)

Affiliate agrees to the fees collected by PayPal to receive funds.  Please visit this page to view current PayPal rates (“Send/Receive Money for Goods and Services”).

Timing of Commission Payments

Affiliates will receive commission payments from us on or before the last day of the calendar month that is at least 30 days after the customer makes a payment.

Customer payment schedule Affiliate commission schedule Sample customer payment schedule Sample affiliate commission schedule
Customer signs up using affiliate link and pays $1 [No commission for the $1 payment] January
Customer makes 1st revenue-based payment to LDTB The last day of the month that is at least 30 days from the customer’s payment February March 31
Customer makes 2nd revenue-based payment to LDTB The last day of the month that is at least 30 days from the customer’s payment March April 30
Customer makes 3rd revenue-based payment to LDTB The last day of the month that is at least 30 days from the customer’s payment April May 31
Customer makes 4th revenue-based payment to LDTB [No commission after the customer’s 3rd revenue-based payment] May

Remember, if the customer has a delay in making their payment to us, it will delay the affiliate payout accordingly.

For example, in the sample timing above, if the customer didn’t make their expected April payment until May, then there would be no affiliate payout on May 31. The 3rd payout would be sent on June 30 instead.

Viewing and Receiving Notification of Referrals

When a customer signs up using your affiliate link, you’ll receive an email with the subject line “Referral Earned”. (Turn off these emails here.)

Also, you can log into your affiliate dashboard at any time to see how many people have ever signed up using your affiliate link.

The notification emails and the affiliate dashboard will never show you the name of the customer who signs up, their email address, or the commission amounts eventually associated with that customer. (The Payouts tab on the affiliate dashboard is not used.) You will just be able to see that a customer has signed up (located on the Referrals tab). However, all of those details will be available in your personal Commission Tracking spreadsheet, after we begin making payouts to you. We will send you a link to this spreadsheet shortly after you sign up.

In short, your Commission Tracking spreadsheet will be the place to see in detail who has signed up and how much you have earned for each referral. However, this will only be updated monthly. The email notifications and the affiliate dashboard are a great place to see in real time when a customer has signed up, so you can start celebrating the commissions that will be coming your way down the line!

The Commission Tracking spreadsheet will show you an itemized list of each customer and their commission amounts, as well as a total each month that should match your PayPal payout. Also, the spreadsheet will include the count of payments for each customer, so you can know how many additional commission payments to anticipate for that customer (up to 3).

Receiving Notification of Commission Payments

If you have notifications turned on from PayPal for payments received, you can be notified that way. Otherwise, you can check your PayPal/destination account activity any time to see if you have received a payment.

Also, you can check your Commission Tracking spreadsheet to see payments recorded that we have sent to you. (No notification is sent by us when the spreadsheet is updated or we have sent you a payout.)

Commission Questions

Think you’re missing a commission from us?

  • Does your affiliate dashboard show the expected referral? If not, the customer may not have used your affiliate link. Reach out to us and we may be able to manually tie the referral to your affiliate account.
  • Does your Commission Tracking spreadsheet show the expected payment? (Remember that payments will not be listed on your spreadsheet until the last day of the month that is at least 30 days from the customer’s payment to us.) If the expected payment is still not listed on your spreadsheet, we may have determined the customer was not a good fit for our service, or the customer may have had a delay in making their payment. Reach out to us and we can investigate.
  • If the expected payment is listed as “Paid” on your Commission Tracking spreadsheet, but you did not receive it, double check the PayPal payment address listed in your affiliate dashboard. If needed, correct it for future payments, and reach out to us to address any previously sent payments.