Bookkeeping for life coaches with simple businesses.

Specifically for coaches who want their bookkeeping service to be as low-maintenance and low-hassle as their one-on-one practice.

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Before I hired Mark and his team, I dreaded tax time. Lots of confusion and worry that I was doing it wrong. Not anymore. This year’s “tax prep” took about five minutes. I forwarded an email from Let’s Do the Books to my accountant and got back to serving my clients.
Deena Rutter
I used to worry that the IRS would seize everything. That’s how worried I was about the money in my business. Looking back I see my avoidance was costing me money. Once we hired Mark and his team, they took care of everything. I love that money worries aren’t in the way of my creativity anymore.
Heidi Bollard
It was important to us to work with a bookkeeper who’s friendly, easy to communicate with, and understands our business. Not only are our financials current and accurate, but our conversations with Amanda (cash flow coach for LDtB) have given us confidence to keep investing in our growth.
Aimée Gianni

Hi, I’m Mark Butler

Since 2014 I’ve been the money guy for coaches just getting started and veterans earning millions per year. 

I created Let’s Do the Books to support coaches with simple offerings who don’t want or need a complicated, high-touch bookkeeping service. I’ll handle things quietly in the background while you enjoy serving your clients.

Email series:
Get to know Let's Do the Books

I’ve written a few short emails that will ensure you understand what this service does, what it doesn’t do, and why. By the end you’ll know whether the service is right for you or not.