Finally, a bookkeeper who understands online business.

I started my first online
business in 2004.

The number one reason new clients give me when they switch from old-school bookkeeping to Let’s Do the Books is, “I want to work with a bookkeeper who understands online business.”

Yes, I get it. You’re looking for someone who knows what PayPal and Stripe are. Someone familiar with launches, masterminds, group coaching, retreats, memberships, ebooks, courses, freelancing, and productized services. Good news: that’s me.

I started my first online business in 2004. In the last sixteen-ish years I’ve made money using every one of the business models I listed above. I’ve built my business around coaches, creators, and freelancers.

I fell into bookkeeping in 2014.

Although I’d made money using all kinds of online business models, I’d never figured out how to manage that money. I went through some feast and famine, got in and out of debt, and finally sold my online businesses and limped away in early 2013.

I took a job working for my good friend, Jesse Mecham. He was the founder of a personal budgeting software called You Need A Budget (aka YNAB, pronounced why-nab). I spent my first year at YNAB as the staff writer, but then I wanted to make more money.

I asked Jesse if I could start coaching small business owners, using YNAB as the platform. He said go for it. There turned out to be demand for the help, and within a year I was back on my own as a full-time money guy, working almost exclusively with coaches, online business owners, and freelancers.

That’s why I understand you
and your business so well.

I started out doing exactly what you’re doing, then I moved into a supporting role and I’ve been there over seven years.

Let’s Do the Books was born out of my deep understanding of online business and my desire to help business owners like you stay stress-free and focused on growth.

We’ve supported business owners who are just getting started and business owners earning millions, and everyone in between.

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